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Billing Terms & Conditions

  • Pricing

Doris CCTV reserve the right to change all the prices without any notice. Due to current situation of the market we can not control the prices.


  • Billing address

Please make sure to select the right billing address before ordering, we wont be able to change the billing address once the invoice is issued.


  • Online Payment type: 

Please note, new customers can not place a new order and paying by card over the phone or website. Only acceptable payment for new customer is via Bank transfer or Paypal.

Doris CCTV reserve the right to cancel any order from a new customer who are using VISA, Master, American Express Cards or any other type of cards.


  • In store payment type: 

In the shop, we accept Cash or card payment


  • VAT Invoice: 

We only issue the VAT invoice once the payment is clear. All our UK sales are included standard VAT rate.