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Investing in CCTV can seem like a daunting idea, especially if you are plunging headfirst into buying your first set-up. However, at Doris CCTV you can find the best CCTV kits at affordable prices with quality you can be assured is top-notch. If you are looking for brilliant camera kits, look no further!

Wifi compatibility

Many of the CCTV camera kits we supply have WIFI compatibility, perfect for if you regularly work or travel away from home. Wifi compatible cameras are ideal for individuals on the go, as CCTV cameras can be checked from anywhere in the world. CCTV camera kits are a great way to quell any anxiety you have when you are away from home as being able to check up on your CCTV means that you will have no worries if you cannot be there!

Built-in mic

Camera kits such as the 8MP Hikvision NVR 4X Vivid also contain a built-in microphone which is perfect for making sure you can record the on-goings around and outside your house. If you are looking to capture something happening in your neighbourhood, having the microphone set up is a great way to accumulate footage and audio in a discreet manner. No more worrying about not being able to capture things you may be concerned about as the Hikvision CCTV kit ensures that you will have the best CCTV set up to enhance your enjoyment of your humble abode!

Night vision

Perhaps the best feature of camera kits is the included night vision. It can be daunting to imagine something happening to your house during the night, whether you are there to witness it or not. With this amazing CCTV technology, you can be assured that any events will be captured in the best quality possible. Whether you need evidence to prove somebody's identity or you have a pest of a wild animal who is digging up your lawn, the night vision in this camera is the perfect addition to your home security and will put your mind at ease.

Make the best investment you can and spend your money on a brilliant CCTV Camera Kit. There is no better purchase than the clarity of CCTV. For more information about camera kits, get in touch with a member of our team today!